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Lamar Jackson Will Never Reach a Super Bowl

Jason Smith: “Here is the real takeaway for Lamar Jackson... He’s not going to win a Super Bowl. Forget it, it’s not happening. How many more years are they gonna be the number one seed in the AFC? You’re the number one team in the AFC and you got a Chiefs team that offensively ain’t great. The Chiefs defense is fantastic, but offensively they’re still kind of finding their way with tape and glue, Mahomes and Kelce, and a little bit of Rashee Rice. They’re still not nearly the offensive juggernaut they’ve been. THIS is the game you win. You have the best offense in the league at home. You are unstoppable, you are unbeatable at home, and what happened? You lose to the Chiefs, your offense plays terrible, and you play terrible. Tell me when Lamar Jackson is going to get to the Super Bowl? He’s not. You look at all the talented quarterbacks in the AFC and the other guys who are all his age... You could say ‘Well, Lamar Jackson is 27’... First of all, a running quarterback is not going to have the length of career of most other quarterbacks just because of the rigors of the position. You’re talking about other guys who are in their mid-20's -- Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, Aaron Rodgers is going to be playing until he’s 50 (!), but some of the other young quarterbacks are going to be ascending too. Maybe Anthony Richardson turns into a big-time superstar quarterback next year, it looked like he was on track before he got hurt this year. You’re talking about some big-time heavyweights that are going to continue to roll on that are in their mid-20's. Even though the Dolphins lost this year, their offense was terrific with Tua Tagovailoa. Tell me when Lamar Jackson is going to have a chance to get back their again and going to actually win the game? We’ve seen him in the playoffs, he’s not good enough, they get stopped. The Ravens don’t have the clutch gene that the Kansas City Chiefs do. The Bills don’t have the clutch gene that the Chiefs do. But this Ravens team especially; when are you ever going to do it? THIS was the year to do it. They had everything going their way. They were going to play a good team but offensively they’re not quite as great as they were, and you held them to 17 points. What is it, the first team to lose in the conference championship game that allowed 17 or less points in 20 years? TWENTY YEARS – you're going back to before quarterbacks were throwing the football 45 times a game. If you didn’t win this year, it’s not happening. Lamar Jackson ain’t getting to a Super Bowl and he’s not winning one.” 

Listen to Jason Smith of Fox Sports Radio’s The Jason Smith Show explain why the Super Bowl window for Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens is already closed, as Smith says Lamar blew a once-in-a-lifetime chance at winning his first Super Bowl with the Ravens having home-field advantage in an AFC Championship Game over a vulnerable underdog Chiefs team who was inexplicably inept on offense for most of the season.

Jackson posted an ugly 42.9 QBR score in Baltimore's 17-10 AFC title loss to Kansas City on Sunday, which included two turnovers, four sacks, and just 20 completions in 37 attempts, low-lighted by a terrible fourth quarter interception in the end zone. Jackson is now 2-4 for his career in the playoffs, with a measly career postseason passer rating of just 75.7.

Check out the segment above as Smith says Lamar will become lost in a wilderness of star quarterbacks in the AFC during his era, and as a ‘running quarterback’ will not have the extended prime of pass-first players the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady to pile up playoff appearances during his career either.

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