Jerry's Guests 4 Last MONTH lol(took holidays off)

  1. Each day has a different guest & subject matter. All times are eastern (ET)

       These are the guests for the shows from December 7th through December 10th. Website links are included for each guest. Show times are also listed. 

  Thursda 12/7  7pm-8pm LIVE

Mike Tonkovich

  Saturday  12/9  5am-7am ET 

Mark Wiley - Division of Ohio

  Sunday show #634 on 12/10  5am-7am 

Pete Muller - NWTF SITE  

UPCOMING SHOWS  (Date on-air)

Bill Epeards 12/14

Outdoorsman - Grand Lake Duck Depot (intv in Dec.)

Forrest L. Wood - Founder of Ranger Boats SITE

Midwest Outdoors TV - Boundary Waters


Gabe Jenkins from Kentucky Dept of Fish & Wildlife, talking Elk hunting SITE

Propolis Projects - Local group helping Pollinators  SITE 

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