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Todd Haines - District 5 supervisor 5/26

Jim Morris - Local outdoor writer w/ area Fishing Reports  5/27

No Show Sunday, Dragons on eve of Mem. Day

Jim Morris - Local outdoor writer w/ area Fishing Reports  5/18

Todd Haines - District 5 supervisor  5/20

6:20pm Brooke Black - Bonefish & Tarpon Trust SITE  show #606 on 5/21

7pm Steve Heiting - managing editor, Musky Hunter magazine SITE  

8pm Tag Nobbe - Brookville Lake, Indiana  SITE  

8:40pm Brian Johnson - FLW Top 5 from Mississippi River

Jon Fugate - Angler's Bait & Tackle, Englewood  SITE  5/11

Guy Tibbels - Tibbels Marina, Lake Erie  SITE  5/13

Marty Lundquist - District 1 (Cols, Indian Lake) biologist  show #605 on 5/14

Scott Conner - local riverman

Mike Arnold - Harsha Lake store PAGE  

Denise Jaeger - West Chester Cast 4 Kids 5/21  SITE 

Mike Walters - Crappie  5/4

Mark Brumbaugh - Walleye  PAGE 5/6

6:20p Mark Wiley - ODNR Turkey biologist  show #604 on 5/7

7p Pete Ziehler - NAPRA Pro Wading circuit  SITE  

8p Johnny McCombs FLW $100K winner at Beaver Lake last weekend

Tim Poe - creator of Thunder Lures, but also a Rabbit & Quail hunter  SITE  4/27

Mike Teach - Local riverman & Quetico/Boundary waters guide  4/29

Mark Kluding - Mountain View  PAGE  Spring Bear hunts in Ontario  show #603 on 4/30

Paul Pacholski - President of Lake Erie Charter Boat Assoc., Trump budget decrease  SITE  

Bob Fulcher - Grand Champ caller. NWTF, and lives in Huber Hts  SITE   

FLW top 5 from Beaver lake


Dan Compton - Federal Premium. Turkey loads   SITE 4/20

Caleb Sutton - Worldwide Turkey Trips  SITE  4/22

6:20pm  Greg Keeton - on the Board of Directors for OH State Chapter of Nwtf  SITE & SITE    show #602 on 4/23 

7 Pete Muller - National NWTF  SITE   

8 Bill Epeards - Turkey World Slam archer from Warren County  SITE   

Barry Wilson - FLW 2nd place at Cumberland last week  4/13

Todd Haines  4/15

Jim Morris

Show #601 ***We will have a Best-of show on Easter evening. Guests include:

Scott Conner who was on 3/25  

Dave Kohler - Division of Wildlife from 3/30

Jon Strawsburg of Dayton Ducks Unlimited & Matt Parker of Reel Fly Rod from last week 4/8  SITE

Marty Lundquist - District 1 Fish state guy - Indian Lake Saugeye  4/6

Chad Smith - State Park report

Matt Parker - Reel Fly Rod SITE  4/8

Jon Strawsburg - Dayton Ducks Unlimited. He's also a Fly Fishing Fan

6:20 Marc Wiley - state guy for Turkey   show #600 on 4/9

7p Rich Carter - Top state guy for OH in all things Fishing 

8p Whit Fosberg - Teddy Roosevelt Conservation  SITE  

Brian Johnson - Instant Results from FLW event at Lake Cumberland

Dave Kohler - State of Ohio wildlife 3/30

Mike Arnold - Boar's Head Bait, Tackle & Deli at EastFork (Lake Harsha)  PAGE 4/1

6:20 Tag Nobbe - Guide on Brookville Lake, Indiana  SITE   show #599 on 4/2

7p Susie Vance - Ohio's asst. chief of DOWildlife 

8p Bradley Dortch - FLW winner at the Harris Chain of Lakes SITE  

Steve Quinn - In Fisherman 3/26 (Only 1 guest due to March Madness)

Scott Conner - Local riverman SITE  3/25

No Show Due To March Madness on 3/23

Tony LaPratt - Deer & Turkey expo March 18th in Cols  SITE 

No show on Sunday 3/12 due to March Madness bball 

Jake Steingraeber - Deer & Turkey Expo, Cols 3/11

Byron Ferguson - Archery Trick Shots  SITE  3/9

Greg Keaton - NWTF state turkey calling championship & Nat'l convention wrap 3/5 #596

7pm Aaron Dynes from Dayton DU SITE  

8pm Larry Mitchell - League of Ohio Sportsmen SITE

John Eberhart - speaker at the Deer & Turkey expo in Cols, Archery deer pressure SITE & SITE 3/4

Daniel Allard - winning artist whose design will be featured on the '18 Ohio Wetland/Duck Stamp SITE 3/2 

Mike Brownfield - Deer & Turkey expo in Columbus 2/26 #595

Todd Haines at 7pm and Jim Morris at 7:30pm

Bryan Thrift - Finished in 2nd place at BOTH of the FLW tourneys so far this year

***More tickets to giveaway to the Deer & Turkey expo on this show!

Smokey McNicholas - Deer Lures and Trapping Coyotes SITE  Will be at Deer&Turkey Xpo in Cols 2/25

Paul Pacholski - President of the Lake Erie Charter Boast Association 2/23

Mark Thomas - Forestry & Wildlife Integrations, at Deer & Turkey Expo next month in Cols  SITE 2/19 #594

Gildo Tori - Ducks Unlimited, Great Lakes region

Doug McClain - DNR's recent Waterfowl biologist for Ohio 

Brian Johnson - FLW fishing, Top 5 from 2nd tourney of '17 (next week we will start interviewing these winning fishers)

Kurt Heid - Deer butchering, Will be at Deer & Turkey expo in Cols next month SITE & SITE  2/18

Marty Lundquist - ODNR District 1 fisheries

Heather Shaw - Ruffed Grouse Society, new biologist for tri-state  SITE 2/16

Jerry Weingart - Ohio Big Buck Club 2/12 Show #593

Mike Tonkovich - Ohio Deer Commander. NO one is more knowledgeable about our herd.

Mike Patterson - Ice

         Marty Lundquist - District 1

Jerry Beach - Apache Bowhunters SITE  2/11

Tom Nauman - Morel Mania, at Deer&Turkey expo in Cols in March SITE  

Brian Johnson - FLW Top 5 from 1st tourney HERE  2/9

Ben Morris - Cols Fishing Expo (on the eve of the expo beginning) 

David Hoheisel - Creator of Cols Fishing Expo HERE  

Jim Miller - Hunting Sheds w/Dogs. At Cols Deer&Turkey expo in March SITE & SITE 2/5 #592

Jared Wiklund - Pheasants Forever  SITE 2/4

Steve Quinn - In Fisherman editor, Will be at Cols Fish Expo. Cold weather tactics SITE & SITE 2/2

Brian Johnson - FLW pro bass tournaments SITE 1/29 #591

Brian Flechsig - Mad River Outfitters SITE & SITE 1/28

Mark Wiley - ODNR upland 1/26

Jake Steingraeber - Executive Director, Field & Stream Outdoor Life Deer & Turkey Expo. The 1st of 6 events. Ohio is in March SITE 1/22 #592

Pat Gluszek - Bass University, Will be at Cols Fishing expo SITE & SITE  1/21

Tim Herald - Worldwide Trophy Adventures  SITE 1/19

Mike Patterson - Ice Sportsfishing (Lake Erie)  SITE

Tyler Wood - Moonshiners TV show. Will be at Lsvl D&Txpo  SITE & SITE 1/15 #591

Charles Willoughby - Chickasaw Archery. Will be at Lsvl D&Txpo  SITE & SITE 1/14

Whit Fosburgh - Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Trust  SITE  1/12

Michael Bell - Kids Who Fish&Hunt, Don't Steal&Deal  PAGE & PAGE

Scott Porter - Trophies of Grace @ Deer&TurkeyXpo Lsville  SITE & SITE 1/8 #590

Dave Klein - Food Plots seminar @ Deer&Turkey Expo Louisville  SITE & SITE 1/7

No show on 1/5 on account a ice storm

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