Every Guest To Appear On Our Show II

This is a continuation of our Original list which after a Decade grew too large and wouldn't allow additional entries LOL On this new page, there is a link to the website of each guest if you need further info about their service, just click on "SITE" below. ***You can still view the Original list by scrolling to the bottom of this page. 


Steve Quinn from In-Fisherman (Fall Bass) SITE 9/25

Marty Lundquist - District 1 fisheries (Central OH)  SITE 9/27

Scott Conner - Gem City riverman SITE show #477 on 9/28

Bob Garmin - Bass Federation 9/18

Jim Morris - Dayton Daily News Outdoor writer SITE 9/20

Ben Burke - Local Grouse society SITE

Mike Tonkovich - Ohio's Deer commander Show #476 on 9/21

Brian Blank - Elk hunting in Kentucky SITE 9/11

Bill Epeards - Worldwide turkey hunter, Mossy Oak pro staff, archer SITE 9/13

Jim Rataczak - Wild Wings art SITE show #475 on 9/14

Tagg Nobbe - Brookvile lake (IN.) SITE 9/4

Anthony Gagliardi - Forrest Wood Cup winner of $500K!!! SITE 9/6

Jon Strawsburg - Ducks Unlimited (local dinner 9/9) SITE 

Phil Hillman - ODNR District 3 fish biologist/Supervisor, Trout guru SITE show #474 on 9/7

Anthony Gagliardi - Forrest Wood Cup winner of $500K SITE 8/30

Mike Walters - Crappie killer 8/28

Jon Strawsburg - Ducks Unlimited (local dinner on 9/9) SITE 

Legends of Bass *Replay - Houston/Nixon/Hibdon/Wood. All on at same time! show #473

Troy Kueker - ATA in Sparta 8/21

Jerry Beach - Apache Bowhunters SITE 8/23

Matt Markey - Toledo Blade outdoor writer SITE

Jon Strawsburg - Ducks Unlimited (local dinner 9/9) SITE show #472 on 8/24

Todd Haines 8/24

Jim Morris

Anthony Gagliardi - Forrest Wood Cup winner of $500K SITE

Matt Markey - Toledo Blade outdoor writer SITE 8/14

Dan Hendricks - Crossbow Federation SITE 8/16

Rick Warhurst - Ducks Unlimited (Great Lakes region) SITE show #471 on 8/17

Steve Coomer - Little Miami Riverman SITE  study

Scott Hale - OH Inland Fisheries SITE

Julie Huber - FLW Cup preview SITE

Capt. Hank - Sturgeon General (Great Lakes charter) SITE 8/2

Luke Spengler - Cardinal Center (Ohio's trapshoot mecca) SITE 7/31

Sandy Bihn - Waterkeepers (Toledo water ban)

Rich Carter - Fish manager for ODNR

Aaron Dyne - Ducks Unlimited SITE 

D'Arcy Egan - Cleveland outdoor writer SITE 7/24

Paul Pacholski - President of Lake Erie Charter Boat Assoc. SITE 7/26

Todd Haines - Division of Wildlife, manager of District 5 (SW Ohio) SITE 7/27

Troy Kueker - ATA Grand trapshoot in Sparta, Ill SITE

Jim Morris - local Outdoor writer SITE

Tom Hughes - Nat'l Wild Turkey SITE 7/17

Matt Soberg - Grouse SITE 7/19

Ethan Simmons - District One (Cols. area) fisheries biologist SITE 7/20

Sandy Bihn - Waterkeepers SITE 

Dustan Harley - Ripple Guides (Indiana fly fishing) SITE 

Guy Tibbels = Western Basin Lake Erie charters SITE 7/10

Randy Engen - Lawrence Bay lodge (Canada) SITE 7/11

Al Gerhart - Butler County Pheasants Forever SITE 7/13

Dave Workman - 2nd Amendment Foundation SITE 

Derrick Filkins - Fly Masters of Indy SITE 

Mike Hoblit - local used/antique tackle dealer 7/3

Mark Kluding - Mountain View (Ontario) SITE 7/5

Mike Arnold - Boarshead SITE 6/26

Todd Haines 6/28

Steve Quinn - In Fisherman SITE  6/29

Jim Morris - local outdoor writer SITE

Tag Nobbe - Brookville Lake IN SITE

Jim Suttinger - Traditional Archery SITE 6/19

Greg Amiel - Fishing 4 Tails, Lake Erie (Canadian side) guide SITE 6/21

Capt Hank - Lake Erie Central Basin guide SITE 6/22

Roy Grimes - Scholastic Archery in the Schools SITE

Brian Kollars - Water quality of area lakes (DDNews story) SITE

Tim Brandt - Federal Premium SITE 6/12

Chad Smith - State Park update

Capt. Paul Pacholski - Lake Erie charter SITE 6/14

Jim Morris - local Outdoor writer SITE 

Mike Schnipper - Pheasants Forever (Butler County) SITE 6/15

Mike Greenlee - Trout Unlimited (Mad Men) SITE

Tom Hughes - NWTF (Turkey) SITE

Mark Sussino - Wild Wings (fishing art) SITE 6/5

D'Arcy Egan - Cleveland Outdoor writer SITE 6/7

Kathryn Smith - Fayette County 6/8

Julie Huber - FLW SITE

Sandy Bihn - Waterkeepers (Lake Erie) SITE

Mike Walters @ 8pm ET SITE

Luke Spengler - Cardinal Center (ATA state shoot) SITE 5/29

Anthony Hauck - Pheasants Forever SITE 5/31

Dave Washburn - FLW (High School fishing) SITE 6/1

Ken Duren - Div. of Wildlife. Turkey wrapup SITE

Rod Shell - Gander Mtn SITE

Mike Walters - Crappie master SITE 5/23

Jason Gaurkee - Smallmouth river SITE (In-Fisherman adventure) 5/24

Matt Arey - FLW winner (last month) at Beaver Lake SITE 5/22

Jim Morris - local Outdoor writer SITE 5/24

Todd Haines - OH Dept Natural Resources SITE

Peg Van Vleet - (female, Duh) Lake Erie guide SITE 5/25

Tim Poe - Thunder Lures SITE

Neal Ramsey - Hamilton (Cincy) Parks SITE

Mike Snipper - Coyote hunts

Gerry Gostenik - Lake St. Clair smallmouth guide SITE 5/8

Russell Beard - Beard Hunter turkey calls SITE 5/10

Mike Arnold - Boarshead (East Fork Lake baitshop) 5/11

Tag Nobbe - Brookville Lake guide SITE

Phil Hillman - OH fish biologist, Steelhead guru SITE

Tom Hughes - Wild Turkey (NWTF) SITE 5/1

Adam Burt - Blue Book of Gun Values SITE 5/3

Bryan Thrift - FLW winner @ Sam Rayburn SITE 5/4

(In-studio fishing roundtable)

   Scott Conner - local river master SITE

   Mike Teach - local riverman SITE

   Rich Carter - ODNR Fish manager SITE

Guy Tibbells - Lake Erie charter/Marina SITE 4/24

Tim Brandt - Federal Premium SITE 4/26

Jim Morris - Dayton Daily News SITE 4/27

Todd Haines - District Five

Chad Smith - State Park report

Shirley Crain- Only woman on FLW tour SITE

Bill Martin - 3G Tactical SITE 4/17

Mark Jones - Ruffed Grouse Society SITE 4/19

***Easter! Famed local Crappie killer Mike Walters, Capt Hank (Sturgeon General - catching some prehistoric fishies) then Capt Paul (prez of the Lake Erie charter boat Assoc.)

Bud Gehring - Lake Erie ice season wrapup 4/11

Jerry Beach - Apache Bowhunters SITE 4/12

Jon Fugate - Hard Nocks Archery SITE (re-air) 

Greg Keaton - State turkey-calling champions SITE 4/13

Julie Huber - FLW instant results SITE

Ken Duren - Ohio turkey biologist SITE

Bill Epeards- Worldwide hunting legend (Turkey) SITE

Mike Sieve - Wild Wings, NWTF (Turkey) SITE 4/3

Paul Pacholski - Lake Erie open water SITE 4/5  

Jim Hayes - Safari Club SITE 4/6

Steve Quinn - In Fisherman legend (pre-spawn bass) SITE

Bryan Honnerlaw - Okeechobee bass SITE

Capt. Hank - Sturgeon General SITE 

Mike Walters - Crappie slayer (local legend)

Randy Kuhens - Kick'n Bass (KY Lake) SITE

Mike Arnold - Boarshead (Tackle shop @ East Fork Lake)

Ron Spomer - Deer & Turkey expo

    ***You can view the Original list FOUND HERE. If the word SITE isn't listed, 'hover' mouse over entry to find a link, if any.

Read more: http://wone.iheart.com/onair/outdoor-connection-418/every-guest-to-appear-on-our-14236469/#ixzz4ksmaBxpK 

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