OJ Simpson on Antonio Brown's Release: 'I Wish I'd Given Him Legal Advice'

O.J. Simpson: “Today, finally, New England releases Antonio Brown. I guess you can say you saw it coming. I almost texted Antonio a week ago and wanted to give him a little bit of advice that some of the greatest legal minds in America gave me. They told me that when you’re in a civil or criminal litigation and you’re the person they’re coming after, the best thing you can do is say nothing, be quiet, and essentially shut up. If his lawyer didn’t give him that advice then he should sue that lawyer. I don’t have to worry about that anymore because he’s gone. I wish I would have sent him that text a week ago. Just saying.”

Former alleged double-murderer and NFL Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson continued his string of bizarre social media activity, as he’s used his newly founded Twitter account to be some sort of social commentator whenever breaking news hits.

Simpson’s analysis is mostly clichéd, oddly random, and thoroughly extraneous, although his account has become a hotbed of comical replies.

Simpson, of course, is one of the most infamous figures in American history, for his alleged role in the murder of his former wife Nicole Brown and acquaintance Ron Goldman, but that didn’t stop OJ from offering some legal advice after the fact to the freshly-released Antonio Brown.

Simpson, while standing in the tee box of a mountainous golf course and holding a driver golf club, said he ‘almost’ texted Antonio Brown a week ago to recommend he keep quiet in the media, proudly boasting like it was some sort of revolutionary and cunning legal strategy that only he could have been clever enough to warn Brown about.

The comments were pretty brutal. But here are the most memorable:

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