Bobby Bones's Definition Of Success On Are You Kidding

Today - Season 67

The hosts of the Are You Kidding podcast aren’t even old enough to shave, but even so, 11- and 13-year-old brothers Sebastian and Brandon Martinez are the owners and operators of a boutique sock company called Are You Kidding Socks, which designs and sells socks to help raise money for charities working toward a cure for cancer and helping kids impacted by juvenile diabetes. Now they have their own podcast so they can reach other kids and inspire them to give back to their communities in creative ways. In previous episodes, they’ve interviewed Latino legend Enrique Santos, joked around with radio DJ Elvis Duran, and introduced us to Poppy, a thirteen-year-old cancer survivor who designed a special pair of Are You Kidding socks to benefit Stand Up To Cancer. On this episode, they sit down with Bobby Bones, radio DJ, author, musician, and 2018 winner of Dancing With the Stars.


First, Brandon is curious about the competition, and Bobby says “it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” Sebastian says they saw him on the show, because they watch with their grandmother, and he say ruefully, “I’m sorry you had to see that, boys.” He also serves as a mentor on American Idol, Brandon says; did he have any mentors in his life? Bobby says because he grew up without a dad, and his mom was frequently gone, “there were people in my life that kind of stepped in to help,” like the youth director at his church, who made sure he attended services and got a good meal and a place to stay whenever he needed one. His high school football coach, as well; “I didn't become a professional football player, but he really instilled a lot of discipline in me today.” 

That discipline has clearly paid off; Bobby’s published two New York Times bestsellers, built his radio show from a local Austin show to a nationally syndicated morning show, and like the boys, he likes to give back, doing several fundraisers every year for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Plus, as Brandon points out, he’s on TV a lot. “I used to think success was if I could just get on TV or have more cities list my radio show,” Bobby tells us. But now, “I think success is being content with the goals that you set. It doesn’t have to be about fancy cars. It can just be about being around the people that you love.” 

Join Brandon, Sebastian, and Bobby to hear them swap favorite jokes, scheme about new sock collaborations, and take a great selfie (“You might have not seen me, Bobby, but I put on bunny ears on you!” Brandon laughs), on this episode of Are You Kidding.

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