Michael W. Smith

With Matthew West

“Surrounded By A Million Lights World Tour”

Saturday, June 30th at 7:30p

at the Fraze Pavilion

Tickets on Sale NOW!!

$50 – Plaza & Orchestra

$35 – Lawn & Terrace

All ticket prices increase $5 day of show.

Tickets available at Fraze Pavilion Website., etix.com or Fraze Fanfare in Town & Country Shopping Center. Charge by phone at 1-800-514-3849.

Multi-Platinum artist, best-selling author and acclaimed actor Michael W. Smith continues to live out his dream; he releases new music regularly and performs around theworld to sold-out crows of loyal and inspired fans.

Taking his new music and fan favorites from his extensive repertoire on th road, Michael embarks on his “Surrounded By A Million Lights World Tour.” And along with the tour, more adventurous projects are in th works for Smith.  Even as A Million Lights and Surrounded sparked to life, Smith is diving into other projects, each one enhancing the others in ways he never experienced before.  From mapping out a memoir of lessons learned from his father to completing a symphonic composition, he’s realizing  wide range of ambitions and senses a convergence of all he’s done and has yet to do.

“For me, though, music is always my first creative outlet,” he clarifies.  “Forever, until th world ends, music is the most powerful language there is.  It can transform your life on every level, not just the spiritual.  It can help people reconnect with why they’re here.  That’s what I’m doing with A Million Lights and Surrounded.”

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