Former NFL LB James Harrison joins Jay Mohr Sports to explain why he declined a contract offer and decided to stay retired.

Mohr: "You and I share in common that we both think Roger Goodell is making foolish moves in the NFL. I call him out on a daily basis, and I don’t understand the new (defensive) rule changes. I don’t know what a defenseless receiver is. I don’t understand 'leading with the crown of the helmet.' s. You’ve actually been quoted saying bad things about Goodell but, is he a bad commissioner, or is he trying to do too much?"

Harrison: "I think he’s trying to do too much and trying to make a situation for every circumstance, and you can’t do that. The game is played too fast and you can’t make adjustments to guys adjusting to you. A lot of these guys aren’t out there trying to maliciously hurt someone, they’re trying to play the game and do it to the best of their ability. You can’t do that by just wrapping up with your arms. I think he’s trying to do too much. You can’t protect everyone from everything. There’s an assumption of risk with everything you do and when you play the game of football, people are going to get hurt."


Photo: Getty Images