LaVar Ball and the Big Baller Brand revealed Lonzo Ball's first signature shoe, the "ZO2" for $495.

The memes started rolling in, the crying Jordan thing appeared from the depths of the internet where I presume it sits all day laying in waiting, and the price tag was mocked. Everywhere you look right now people are talking about the shoes, making jokes about the price and what not. 

Nottttt sooooo fastttttt.

Clay Travis explains how this might be the move of a marketing genius, pricing out people who weren't going to be a steady customer anyways and appealing to the type who don't mind paying for $500 shoes. This is a crucially important piece of information to remember, there are people out there who want to buy these and can afford it. You need less customers with a higher price point.

Listen below and open your mind up beyond the memes.

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