Uproxx - A fourth grade Georgia teacher is the subject of controversy for dressing “too sexy” for school. Many of Paris Monroe’s pictures show her covered up with dresses falling below the knee, but it’s her curves in skin-tight dresses that has social media jumping with opinion.

“Who wears a body con to teach CHILDREN??!!??? Wtf?! I just feel like the dress is too tight for a teacher,” tweeted STFUashleeee who also said that there was a “certain place” to wear “certain things” like the dresses Monroe wears to work. Another commenter, KristyApril, shared similar sentiments, writing, “It’s inappropriate for school, period. Wayyy too tight.” A parent flat-out said she wouldn’t allow her child to attend Monroe’s class. “This teacher and this bodycon dress…my child would not be attending her class..idc idc idc.”


So what do you guys think? Too sexy for school or is this getting blown way out of proportion? I'm a dude and my view on the matter might not be the best and most unbiased opinion. She's a very attractive woman and her wearing most things might cause an issue. You can check out her Instagram for more pics